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  • Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (XHV 1000)

Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (XHV 1000)


Contact us for purchasing XHV-1000 Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester! The Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (XHV 1000) is widely acknowledged for its performance and construction. Rely on us-our services won’t disappoint you! 

More about Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (XHV 1000) :
The Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester is a high-tech product combining optic mechanic and electronic techniques with a unique design, operational functions and reliability, and hence it is an ideal instrument for the testing of micro-hardness. With an automatically turning device between the indenter and the objective and by means of a 10×objective and a 40×objective, the tester has a wider measurement field and a more precise measurement.
The tester has adopted the soft-ware programming by computer, the highly-amplifying optic measuring system and photo-electric sensor techniques. The operation panel uses a unique touch LCD screen, and by clicking, the instrument has such multiple functions as the adjustment of light intensity, the presetting of test force dwell time, the selection of Vickers or Knoop hardness test mode, the conversion of ruler, the file storage, and it can display the measured indentation length, hardness value, test force dwell time, test numbers, as well as the date, test result and data processing. All the testing date can be put out by the printer and connected with the computer by means of the RS232 interface.
According to the particular requirements of the client, the tester can be equipped with CCD, visual and photographical devices. The instrument is suitable for the testing of the micro and thin pieces, the parts with the plated surface, the crisp materials such as the agate, glass and ceramics; therefore it is an ideal hardness measuring instrument for the scientific research institutes, the universities, the industrial production units and the metrological institutes.

Technical Specifications :
Testing range : 1HV~2967HV
Test force : 0.098N(10gf), 0.245N(25gf), 0.49N(50gf), 0.9807N(100gf), 1.961N(200gf), 2.942N(300gf), 4.903N(500gf), 9.807N(1000gf)
Displayed Hardness Value, Hardness Range, Max Tolerance

(200~300)HV0.05 ±5.0%
(400~500)HV0.1`(700~800)HV0.2 ±4.0%
(700~800)HV0.5`HV1 ±3.0%
Carriage application method : automatic loading and unloading
Max height of the specimen : 100 mm
Distance between the point of the indenter and the exterior panel : 98 mm
Gross weight : 44kg          
Net weight : 30 kg
Power : AC220V,60/50Hz
Dimension(L×W×H) : (480×305×545)mm

Accessories (The Packing List)
The main instrument including a micro indenter, a 40× objective and a 10×objective

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