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  • Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (HV 5)

Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (HV 5)


Get in touch with us for acquiring superior grade XHVT-5Z/10Z/30Z/50Z Intelligent Digital Vickers Hardness Tester at nominal prices. You can place even the bulk orders of Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (HV 5) with us and we will deliver them on time.

More about Digital Vicker Hardness Tester (HV 5) :
The Vickers Hardness Tester is a new and high-tech product combining the optical, mechanical and electronic techniques, with a good aesthetic aspect, operational functions and reliability, and hence it is an ideal instrument for the testing of Vickers hardness.
The instrument adopts closed-loop loading control system, it makes the test accuracy improved and the repeatability and stability of the value better.
With the soft keys on panel board for input operation:

Automatic shifting between indenter and objective.
Arbitrarily choose the test force.
Preset the testing force dwell time.
Adjust intensity of light source.
Read the indentation length and after input it shows the hardness value and the number of measurements.
The instrument is suitable for the testing Vickers hardness value of the micro and thin pieces, permeated and coated plane surface, the crisp materials such as the agate, glass and it is, therefore, an ideal hardness measuring instrument for the scientific research institutes, the universities, the industrial production units and the metrological institutes.
According to the particular requirements of the client, the tester can be equipped with CCD indentation automatically measuring device.

Technical Specifications :

Carriage application method: Automatic loading, dwelling and unloading
Shifting method of objectives and indenter: Manual shifting (Z: Automatic shifting)
Dwell time: 0~60s (5 seconds as a unit)
Energy-saving Mode: After 10 minutes in repose, the hardness tester will automatically enter the energy-saving mode and shut up the light source. The operator can also wake up the energy-saving mode of the hardness tester by pressing any key on the panel, and then go on with the operation.
Power : (110~220) V, AC (60~50)Hz
Max. Height : 170 mm
Max. Depth : 130 mm (From the center)
Dimension(L×W×H) : 530×280×630 mm
Weight : about 50 kg

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