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Hung Ta



• Curved, streamlined appearance for high quality visual sensation.
• Computer-monitored for better control of machine in real time.
• Servo-driven for more stable vibration frequencies and control with better accuracy.
• Highly sensitive temperature control, automatic
PID calculation and computer transmission for
better temperature control.
• Direct heating ensures constant temperature
and accelerates heating and warming rates.
• Heating from room temperature to 19o•c in 8 minutes + Unsealed Die Time needed for changing temperature settings:
< 3 minutes from 11o·c to 19o•c; < 4 minutes from 19o•c to 11o·c.
• Warming up to the set temperature in less than 1 minute during testing with ±0.3•c compensation control range.
• Light-weight upper and lower dies for easy installation and removal.
• Windows-based user interface is easy to learn and use and equipped with powerful analysis
functions; interface is provided with multiple languages for the user's choice.
• Modular database is easy to use and build.
• Data sampling rates are high and therefore possibility of lost data is low
• Capable of importing and exporting report in formats of Excel, Word, html and pdf, making it
easy for data transmission and storage.
• Complete data storage for reanalysis and confirmation, thus preventing human errors.

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