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Hung Ta


This unit is used to test the properties of natural rubber, including Mooney viscosity and Mooney scorching. Full computer control, capable of displaying Tq3, TQS, TQ18, TQ35, TS1 and TS2

Automatic Measurement System

•Viscosity Sensor: Strain Gauge
• Mooney viscosity calibration: Fuzzy logic computer system
• Manual / auto switching system for easy learning and operation
• Full computer control, pull-down menu, displays in dialogue box and control system
• Monitoring throughout the entire test; what you see is what you get. Automatic calculation,
printing and saving are possible. Capable of calling the curves desired 4+1 minutes and 1 minute of recovery time for viscosity and rubber, respectively, and time needed for rubber scorching Tq3, Tq5, Tq 18, TQ35 by Ts1
and Ts2
• Capable of saving and calling test conditions to save time
• Allowable tolerance for test curves is user definable for complete control of test subject quality.
• Capable of calling any curve for comparison and displaying the viscosity of any point on the curve
• The user may select multiple test values for averaging.
• Test may be terminated according to test requirements. The user may ask for test data or just cancel the test.
• This unit is designed to ASTM 0 1646, Bs1673, IS0-289, JIS-K6300 and CHS 10273 and 10274.

Additional Details

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